HE, Sixiao

Research Field
The role of Ferroptosis in heatstroke induced injuries

There are limited success in certain cancer, and many cancers quickly acquire resistance to drug therapy and can recur or metastasize after months and even years. My research interest is to explore the mechanisms that allow these cells to become dormant and re-awaken for recurrence or metastasis.

Journal Publication

1. Sixiao He; Ru Li; Yanmei Peng; Ziqing Wang; Junhao Huang; Hongen Meng; Junxia Min; Fudi W ang; Qiang Ma ; ACSL4 contributes to ferroptosis-mediated rhabdomyolysis in exertional heat stroke, J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle , 2022

2. He Sixiao; Li Ru; Yang Huohong; Wang Ziqing; Peng Yanmei; Huang Junhao; Ma Qiang ; Optimi zation of a Rhabdomyolysis Model in Mice With Exertional Heat Stroke Mouse Model of EHS-Rhabdomyolysis, frontiers in physiology , 2020, 11: 642

Academic Publications